1 hr 1000 Coffee Date
1.5hrs 1400 Coffee & Dessert
2hrs  1600  Cocktail Date
3hrs   2400 Dinner Date
4hrs   3000 Dinner & Dessert


To make an appointment, please, include information about your job or references from other models you have seen in the past.

The preference is given to longer appointments.

I’am a very discreet person and expect the same from you. I don’t use social media and don't tour to other cities. This fun occasional adventure is my little secret and I would like to keep it this way. I have a full life & an exciting career and very selective in who I meet and spend my time with. My motto is quality over quantity - in every aspect of life.


As noted, I value and understand discretion. All personal information will be deleted after screening process is over.

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